Mechanized Moses

This is a first attempt at creating a full character using BESM, and one idea I have for a character for this game. The basic premise is that this character is a Mechanized, trained and designed to work in mining operations. His right arm, shoulder, much of his torso, part of his neck, and right hip and leg are all mechanized, so he often leans his weight on that side and has a heavy, limping gait when he walks or runs as his muscle tries to keep up with the machinery. His right arm ends in a complex socket which accommodates a thick-fingered hand that lacks some fine dexterity but is relatively versatile as well as a number of powered tools useful in mining.

He has earned enough money to buy out his contract, though he can't afford to get the rest of his family out, and the extra work it required took its toll on his body, which is now in need of repairs that he can't afford. This leaves him in desperate need of some new income, which easily connects him to what's going on overall.

Ultimately, he will feel a growing sense of vision for himself. He is meant to lead his people to freedom. The Mechanized can be more than they currently are, particularly the lowest castes of heavy laborers. To accomplish anything, however, he will need to learn more about his nature, and educate himself in general a great deal. As a laborer, he had no time and little access to education or mental stimulation, leaving him only barely equipped to deal with the complexities of life on his own.

(Somewhat simplified from the original version)


Body 4 Mind 2 Spirit 6

Level 10 Armor (metal plating)
Aura of Inspiration +2
Hardboiled +20 Shock Value
Melee Attack: Unarmed +1
Ranged Attack: Throw +1
Special Defenses 10 (as written for Labor Mechanized)
Super Strength +2 (+4 Body for Strength rolls, +2 damage)
Tough +2
Tunneling 1 (10m/hour)
Weapon: Machine Arm Lvl 2

Marked -2 (corporate marking and ID from his previous life)
Skeleton in Closet (he killed an overseer, of course, just as he'd bought his contract, and had to flee the mines)

Combat Value 4
Attack Combat Value +5
Defense Combat Value +4
Melee damage multiplier x8
Shock Value 32
Unarmed damage 12
Thrown damage 12
Machine Arm damage 22

Area Knowledge 2 (Mines)
Climbing 2 (Caverns)
Demolitions 2 (Tunneling)
Mechanics 2 (Mechanized)

Health 60
Energy 40

Character Advancement

Rewards for each gaming session will range from 5-15 Character Points. These will represent a character’s growth and learning so they will vary depending on what occurred in the session and if the characters have been practicing or gaining new abilities. (modified 6/8)

Stats, Attributes and Skills may be purchased at the same cost as in character creation, but must always be justified by storyline events.

Cheldrun Templates

ALLSKINS Being a cautious people, when the Cheldrun began experimenting with bioengineering and mechanization they set aside a portion of their race to be left pure and natural in case the experiments went awry. Human in appearance and ability the Allskins have no species wide talents or powers, but each one develops their own skills according to their tastes and experiences.


BIOMADE Many Cheldrun were not born, but created. Though partly natural these individuals are often gifted with special talents not normal for an Allskin. Originally the Biomades were just smarter, healthier and better looking than other Cheldrun, but some of the most recent subjects have begun to develop psychic powers.

(Type A – Normal)

  • Features (Appearance) 2 2CP
  • Heightened Awareness 1 2CP
  • Jump 1 2CP
  • Special Movement (Fast) 1 2CP
  • Tough 2 4CP


(Type B – Sensitive)

  • Features (Appearance) 2 2CP
  • Heightened Awareness 1 2CP
  • Precognition (1 hour) 5 10CP
  • Sixth Sense (emotions) 1 2CP
  • Telepathy (Cheldrun) 1 4CP


(Type C – Manipulative)

  • Features (Appearance) 2 2CP
  • Heightened Awareness 1 2CP
  • Mind Control (Cheldrun) 1 6CP
  • Mind Shield 1 2CP
  • Telepathy (Cheldrun) 1 4CP



MECHIFIED The children of Mechified Cheldrun get their first cybernetic enhancements at a very young age and they usually go on mechanizing right through their lives until very little, but a brain remains of the original person. Mechified’s come in many varieties.

(Type A – Repair)

  • Armour 5 10CP
  • Embedded Toolkit (Mechanics +2) 4CP
  • Special Defences 10CP
    • (Freezing Cold, Lack of Air, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Overheating)
  • Supersense (Infrared Vision) 2 4CP


(Type B – Labour)

  • Armour 5 10CP
  • Special Defences 10CP
    • (Freezing Cold, Lack of Air, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Overheating)
  • Super Strength 1 8CP


(Type C – Battle)

  • Armour 10 20CP
  • Awkward Size (3m) 1 -4CP
  • Impaired Manipulation (One Arm) -3CP
  • Special Defences 10CP
    • (Freezing Cold, Lack of Air, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Overheating)
  • Weapon Attack “Arm Cannon” 3 6CP
    • (Range 2 [100m], Backblast x1, Deplete 10Energy)

Character Creation

Players will start with 200 Character Points. Though no official maximums will be set on any individual stat or attribute the guideline on page 9 of the rule book is a good rule of thumb: 60% Stats, 20% Attributes, 20% Skills. Characters will buys skill points from the Multi-Genre column from the table on page 89.

Players are encouraged to take Defects, though they should be advised that a Defect is always worse than an Attribute of equivalent point value and Defects may not be bought off with experience during game unless very specific requirements are met and the GM approves it. Defects are a great tool to enhance roleplaying and develop more interesting characters, not a min/max opportunity.

The GM will not accept any character concept that boils down to “I Kick Ass!” Players should have well developed character concepts that fit within the campaign theme and their racial selection. In that spirit consider the following guidelines:

The Cheldrun are suited to Steampunk fantasy style weapons, and combat.

  • For a sharpshooter, mech-user or any character which depends primarily on their equipment for power – play an Allskin.
  • For psychic powers or a very skilled individual play a Biomade.
  • For a cyborg play a Mechified.

The Karians are suited to sword and sorcery style weapons, skills and powers.

  • For heavy hitting melee combatants play a Gogajin or a Jevumm.
  • For martial artists or ranged combatants play an Anakarix or Zipsum
  • For a magic user play a Prill
  • For bizarre powers play a Vorax.