Karia Vitalus was a lush paradise flowing with mana just 200 years ago, before the Cheldrun arrived. Back then the planet was covered in verdant growth and towering violet forests. The Vorax soared through the skies and Zipsums skippered in every lake and stream. The wise Dusk Sages cared for each living thing and maintained the careful balance which allowed Karia to flourish. But that’s all gone now.

The Cheldrun arrived suddenly and by the millions. Collosal starships broke atmosphere and plunged in fire to the ground leaving scorch marks a hundred miles long. They were just the remnant of their people. A small band of refugees fleeing from some terrible evil they refused to name. They disabled their starships, forgot how to fly, and never looked back to the stars where they came from. With them they brought magnificent machines, robot armies and powerful industry. They spread all over Karia building sprawling metropolises and towering skyscrapers. The old ways of Karia ended.

The Dusk Sages retreated to the west, to a mysterious far island, and using the last of their magics sealed it against all outsiders. They created a haven for themselves and haven’t been heard from since.

Meanwhile the march of progress went on and many of the ancient races began to fade away. But the woes of Karia had only just begun. For the ancient enemy of the Cheldrun did not give up the hunt. And now they have found this final haven of the refugee people. The coming of the enemy means the end of all life on Karia unless the children of mana and the children of steel can find it within them to set aside their differences and forge a lasting peace.

Races of Karia Vitalus

The races of Karia Vitalus are divided into two groups: the Karians and the Cheldrun. Karians come in many shapes, sizes, colours and forms. They use magic, change shape, fly and do other amazing things. The Cheldrun are all humanoid though of various appearances. They do not use magic, but have amazing technology to employ.

A race of former space travellers who fled for their lives from some unspeakable evil. Landing on Karia they made it their last home and refuge, building enormous cities and technological wonders. They are divided into three equal, but distinct castes: Allskins, Biomade, Mechified.

A diverse and whimsical race, the Karians are the original inhabitants of this world. In decline now because of the rapid growth of Cheldrun settlements many of the Karians are dying and becoming TeeShee. Most of the others, excepting the Anakarix and the Prill can metamorphose between their humanoid and animal forms.