Genetic Geniuses...

The Great Experiment divided the Cheldrun into three castes. The Allskins remained untouched by auto-augmentation procedures, the control subject. The Mechified were surgically and mechanically enhanced beyond recognition. The Biomade were subjected to genetic manipulation. Far more than selective breeding, the Biomade experiment involved complex DNA restructuring – both through the careful choice of existing genetic combinations and through constructive design of new genes. The Biomade do not just represent the best of the Cheldrun gene pool, they are verging on becoming their own species.

The Biomade have come to refer to themselves as the Pure Experiment, because in contrast to the Mechified, they were never created with specific jobs or purposes in mind. The Biomade instead were created merely to see what possibilities existed in the Cheldrun gene pool. An absolute exercise of ‘what if’? Naturally, therefore, they tend to idealize possibility, worshipping potential as if it were a god and judging people on the basis of merit, ability and accomplishment rather than character. At their worst, Biomade tend to believe that if it can be done it should be done. At their best, Biomade are insightful and creative people always pushing themselves to stretch behind the horizon of limitations.

In the early years of the Great Experiment, Biomade were largely indistinguishable from Allskins, which created problems for them. The necessity of keeping the Allskins pure meant that Biomade we required to wear identifying badges, and the elevated position of the Allskins only made the Biomade feel like second-class citizens. Biomade were pushed into roles of servitude to the great houses of the Allskins and though many Biomade were the most intelligent and capable individuals in Cheldrun society, the benefits of their accomplishments often went to Allskin nobles. This situation bred into the Biomade a subtle, but profound resentment of the Allskin. The Biomade began to regard themselves as superior genetically and in every other way to their Allskin brothers and sisters.

So long as the old ways of Cheldrun society lasted this resentment could not be expressed, but toward the end of the Flight, when it had been a long time since any Cheldrun had lived which remembered the homeworlds the old social mores began to break down. The Biomade began to assert themselves. By this time they had become not only faster, stronger and smarter than any normal Allskin, but also developed psychic abilities. The Biomade rather easily and with surprisingly little bloodshed overthrew the great houses of the Allskins and established a new rule for Cheldrun society – may the best man/woman/psychic or cyborg win.

For better or for worse this new rule prevailed when the Cheldrun crash landed on Karia. Whereas the old society of noble houses had served as a glue holding the whole race together in one nation, the new competitive outlook caused division and conflict. Shortly after arriving on Karia city-states began emerging that warred with one another over access to resources and trading rights. The Biomade consider this just another form of competition which will only help the species advance themselves even further than they have already come. These forward thinking Biomade are often the heads of major corporations, scientists, engineers, visionaries and agents of change.

One consequence of the way Biomade come into existence is that they have no direct genetic heritage – no biological family. Biomade do not procreate like others, for them sex is purely an act of pleasure, an idle diversion. Infant Biomade are given to a willing adult to nurture during their first 3 years of life at which point all Biomade are registered in residential schools. Raised primarily by nurses and teachers, Biomade are often a little immature. Growing up among other children unsupervised, Biomade are often extremely competitive. Formally educated from a very early age, Biomade are often book-smart world-dumb.

Biomade tend to look airbrushed perfect, with symmetrical features and stylish modern clothing. Appearance, physical health and mental agility are very important to them. Rare is the Biomade who will admit he doesn’t know something or allow himself to come away looking stupid or slow. The Biomade prize their genetic superiority and can sometimes fall back on it as though effort were overrated. Since the discovery of their utility all Biomade have been designed with latent psychic abilities, which enable them to access and use the special Biomade technologies that depend on psychic energy. Some Biomade are specially designed (the process is too expensive to afford including it as a feature in every Biomade) with more powerful Psychic talents. These are likely to be people capable of reading the thoughts of others, communicating telepathically, sensing the unseen, or even predicting the future. A very very few Biomade actually have the gift of controlling other people’s minds, though this is not generally known in Cheldrun society – it would cause quite an uproar if discovered.

* * *

Players who wish to play a Biomade character should think carefully about the character’s profession, educational background and genetic traits. Biomade are prideful and competitive – what personal achievements is your character proud of? Who are your character’s primary competitors? How psychic are you, and what sort of powers have you developed? Biomade do not have family names and they often rename themselves after obtaining maturity with names that suggest power or beauty.

Appearance: Biomade value symmetry and beauty so they are a race of supermodel figures, smooth complexions, luxurious hair, and straight teeth. They prefer sleek, modern styles and exercise their need for control over their appearance. Hence, they make liberal use of hair gel, enjoy coloring contacts, shaping underwear, and cosmetics. Expect to see Biomade in wraparound mirror shades, tailored pinstripe suits, and black leather.

Example Names: Acid, Beach, Blade, Chrysanthemum, Geranium, Hurricane, Lightning, Night, Stroke, Tsunami, Willow

Example Attributes: Alternate Identity, Aura of Inspiration, Computer Scanning, Divine Relationship, Energy Bonus, Environmental Influence, Features (Appearance), Force Field, Heightened Awareness, Heightened Senses, Item, Jumping, Mind Control, Mind Shield, Organizational Ties, Sixth Sense, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Tough

Example Skills: Acrobatics, Biological Sciences, Business Management, Computers, Driving, Intimidation, Physical Sciences, Seduction

Biomade Technology & Equipment

At it’s simplest, Biomade technology is based on the insight that psychic energy is just that – energy. An energy source capable of powering many electronic devices that otherwise would require costly resources or inconvenient batteries to operate. An array of devices, many of which duplicate normal electronic equipment, is available which run entirely on the psychic energy of the user. This has the effect of restricting the use of these devices to Biomade since they are the only (known) psychics on Karia. However, beyond the benefit of having electronic devices only a Biomade can use, this technology has been pushed to new frontiers by actually manipulating the psychic energy itself.

Example Psychic Knife: The following device is a gauntlet with a series of energy conduits running down the wrist and over the back of the hand. When activated these conduits gather and project psychic energy in the form of a bright pink blade, which the wearer can wield as though it were a completely weightless knife strapped to his arm. The knife requires 10 Energy points to activate, and when used it does not deal bodily damage, but it burns Energy out of the target. Thus, a victim would pass out from exhaustion rather than die from this weapon. It is rumored that versions exist which deal physical damage or even directly savage the mind. The following item would cost 4CP.

Biomade Psychic Knife:
Weapon 0 Enervation 4, Only Biomade, Deplete -1

Example Telepathic Amp: There are no telephones or cell phones on Karia, but these little devices clip behind an ear and amplify the thoughts of a psychic through a network of level 3 telepaths to other individuals. The person initiating the call must be a psychic, but because the thoughts will be transmitted by a level 3 telepath the receiver of the call can be nearly anyone. For this reason, battery powered receivers exist that non-psychic users can utilize to receive, but not send, “calls”. The following item would cost 1CP.

Biomade Telepathic Amp:
Abilities: Unique (increase Telepathy range)
Disabilities: Uses Energy (1)

Example Force Field: Biomade who are willing to risk bodily injury in combat (there aren’t that many) often try and equip themselves with one of these. This is a device, usually worn on the belt, that when activated produces a form fitting personal energy shield visible as a faint transparent pink shimmer. These shields stop damage from getting through to the wearer although if sufficient damage is done to pierce the field the excess will still take effect. These shields can be damaged and their effectiveness reduced, but they regenerate after a while of being deactivated. Activating the shield requires 3 Energy Points and an additional 3 Energy Points per minute to sustain. There are rumors of more advanced models that require more energy to activate, but absorb significantly more damage. This item was created with the Force Field Attribute level 4 costing 5CP.

Personal Force Field:
Damage Absorbed: 16 damage points
Disabilities: Uses Energy (3 to activate and 3/minute)

Biomade attitudes towards….


The natural leaders of the galaxy, we have experienced a setback, but that is all part of the process of worthwhile experimentation. One day we will own the stars again…


Relics all of them. They are a reminder of a distant past, which no longer has relevance for our future…


We are the true inheritors of the Cheldrun legacy continually making ourselves into the most advanced species in the galaxy…


A lesser experiment that nevertheless has its uses. They make a good workforce…


The people of this planet are backwards beyond belief. However nature has gifted them with extraordinary genes, which we may be able to exploit…


How can you possibly take a talking lizard seriously? They call themselves philosophers – hah! They’ve got brains almost entirely lacking frontal lobes…


Stupid and coarse and unlikely to pose any threat to us – except of course they are ridiculously strong…


These poor kitties are scared of fire. Conveniently that keeps them and their hot tempers away from us…


Of all the Karians the Prill seem to be the most advanced and yet they cling to ancient unscientific beliefs. Why?...


Do the Vorax still exist? I thought they were extinct? Good riddance…


They’ve certainly been the most welcoming of Cheldrun ways, but they’re probably the least intelligent of the whole bunch. They are annoying and inept…